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Candidate Self-Assessment

Welcome to the Queen's Faculty of Education on-line candidate self-assessment.

It is recommended when completing the on-line form that Teacher Candidates use their Queen's email address. Once completed and submitted, the self-assessment will be emailed back to all parties (Associate Teacher, Teacher Candidate, and Faculty Liaison) in html form.

The candidate self-assessment can be created and edited in stages. Click on the appropriate link below, either to begin a new self-assessment, or to resume a self-assessment which has already been started. An identifying number will be issued for self-assessments that have not been submitted, allowing you to access the incomplete form until it is ready for submission.

to Candidate Self-Assessment Form

If you are beginning a new self-assessment:



If you are resuming work on a self-assessment previously begun, please enter the number identifying the form you wish to edit, then click on the "Resume Self-Assessment" button:

Identifying number: